Hardworking female walking!

Today I had one of my first longer days at work! And it went fantastic!! (Yep I do have a bit sore feet, but that’s so worth it!) I still think people are very considerate and kind, and it’s one of the best places I’ve worked so far! My boss is so nice and really good at praising me and making me feel like I do a difference when I’m at work, god that’s a great thing! Just knowing that I’m needed is a nice thing.

My co-workers are wonderful and we joke a lot! It’s great to be working with such happy and outgoing people and there is a lot of people my age who works there, yey!

Today I worked from 10:00 to 17:30’ish! I didn’t feel like I had been there for that long before we had to close.. Strange, but time really fly with great people to work with!

Hope you guys had a nice Saturday? I sure did! What did you guys do today?

With love…


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