Another list!

With a great job, also comes money! I already figured out what I need in the future, and what could be great to have, here is just a bit of them!

A robot vacuumer, cause the one we have now sucks and the fact that I don’t need to ever vacuume ever again, pretty neat! Haha.. You just put the timer and two days a week you get vacuumed! Amazing..

A new fridge, the one we have, we got with the apartment and isn’t the best one.. So I really want a new one!

A dishwasher!! Oh how I need that! We have to wash our dishes by hand and that sucks even more..

A new washing machine and a dryer! I have a washer, but it’s damn old, so I would love a new one… And a dryer so I don’t have to hang up our clothes that much, would be great!

A great armchair, one where I can just sit and relax, and read my books. That would be awesome..

My new job has made all these things possible in the future, it feels amazing to know that, do any of you guys have some wishes on your wish lists that are as expensive as mine? Share! I don’t think you guys can beat mine tho, it’s crazy expensive! Hehe..


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