Thank you

I’m kinda lying in bed, writing this post on my IPhone – horray for technology! XD So I categorized it as “Insomnia” due to my lack of sleep most days, I am not the best of sleepers unfortunately! But that aside, I wanted to thank all you guys, my readers and followers, even the guys who just randomly stopped by. (Do drop by anytime btw!) XD

I started blogging to keep my mind clear, to be creative and to talk with others with the same interest of writing as I have. I have met some amazing people in here, who have inspired me to write, and now I just wanted to say thank you. All of my followers are dearly appreciated and I smile every time I get a new follower, it warms my little heart! ❤ You guys make me feel awesome about writing.

Whenever I get a comment, a like or a follow I just feel like I wrote something that other people gets inspired by, or likes to read. And to the followers who comments my posts on a regular basis, you guys rule! There is nothing better, than when someone diggs your blog so much, that they take the time to comment it from time to time!

Tomorrow I will make a "who am I" post, for all the new followers that I have, I think I have gotten quite a bit of new people stopping by – so I think it is needed!

With love..


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