First day of work!

Today is my first day!

Fears of anything? Well ofc, I don’t want to do bad, I really want them to like me, and they seem really nice, all of them. I hope my clothes is good enough? Uhm.. Yeah sounds stupid, to worry about my outfit, but I have a dress code at this job, and I take that very seriously! I really need the extra money, so everything kinda mathers to me right now, and yep, I kinda feel a bit on the edge today.

Looking forward to? Speaking to customers! Trying to make them happy with whatever they buy, giving them some great service, and helping them make great gift choises. (Yea I know, Im pretty crazy exited about this job, but I know Im good at it, and I love the feeling when someone is asking for my service!) Getting to know everyone working there, it just seems exiting, they seem so nice!

I promise to write a little later, telling you guys about how everything went! Im so exited right now! Haha..


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