A new Danish TV show!

There is a lot of crazy TV shows

but this one is intresting …

Mostly because I have been in that situation.. The show is called ”Stalkers” and is aired pretty soon, and I kinda feel for the people getting stalked, cause oh have I been there, a fair couple of times really! And it has scared the be-jesus outta me! Eek…!

One girl who was alot older than me, like.. When I was 16 she was about 25 years old and I really think she had some brain damage or something, cause she acted like she was a little kid, always trying to get in contact with me, found me on different websites, and even recently she tried to add me on Twitter, but she wasent the worst one, not at all!

I had guy stalkers too, one guy who was so obsessed, that when I told him, that I dident want to see him anymore (he had a girl, and he had kissed me once, and fooled me, and said he dident have a girl, but ofc I found out the day after we kissed!) he just went nuts, he kinda stalked around my place sometimes, called me late night, where I had school the next day, and cried on the voicemail on the phone when I dident pick up, it frightened me quite a lot, mostly because we only just met! But he got older, and stopped after a year or two, lucky for me. And belive it or not, but he is still together with that girl from back then! (Unfortunatley I have friends that knows him, so I hear stuff from time to time) The other day, I bumped into him and his girl at the mall, and I could just see him flinch, and I ran for it, like a little girl… Damn!

But the one who takes the prize, the one that ”out stalked” them all, must be a girl that I (unfortunatley) met online, she was younger than me, had braces, glasses and her weight was pretty bad, and in the beginning I felt sorry for her, and tried to make friends, but then things started getting… Strange. Well long story short, in the end, she started dating the boyfriend that I had just broken up with only days ago at the time.. (And she had done it to another girl before that too… Scray!) When I broke up with him, due to me feeling more like friends, I guess he wanted to make me hurt or something, he texted me that he wanted to die, and I got so scared that I called his mom! My dad quite liked him, and his parents liked me quite a bit too, so I heard some bad stuff about her while they were dating, and that freaked me out even more.. Her anger and her jealousy made her go crazy, and they hoped he would end it. He did break up with her in the end, I think he did when he got over me, and yea that too makes me feel kinda sorry for her. But it got worse, she started making fake profiles online about me, writing nasty stuff, and in the end, my dad found out what happend and called her mom… Told her, that if the profile wasent closed down by tomorrow, he would sue them for all they had, it got taken down instantly.. I think her mom were in awe, I would be too if my daughter did something like that… My dad was too.

He got a shrink to speak with me, to get the trauma down to a minimum, printed out all the stuff she had wrote, said and done to me, and gave it to the shrink, so she could help me. In the end I was glad that he did, but at the time I thought he was damn crazy! But hey, thats beeing a teenager for ya’! My dad kinda got me out of the situation, and Im pretty grateful! In the end, she stopped, left me alone or stalked someone else? I dont know, and I dident care, and I still dont somehow, I felt horrible when it was going on, I felt like I was watched 24/7 and I hated it. Being selfish and all, I just dont care what happend, just that she stopped.

Do you guys have those TV shows in your country? I think its going to be crazy and scary to watch those stalkers in action, and great that someone is trying to stop it, its ruining peoples life. The thing about stalkers, you never know what their gonna do next… Its sick! People start to fear leaving their homes, getting extra locks and trying to alter their life, just to be left alone. Its a shame.. Sometimes I really get why the fameous people start to go crazy, their watched constantly, have stalkers, TV and stuff running around after them, Im glad it aint me! I wouldent like to live that way, watching your back all the time, getting hate mail.. But now, we will soon be watching them on TV here in Denmark, stalkers that follow regular janes and joes around, and oh how I feel for them! Poor people..


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