Huge shopping spree!

I love shopping!

I spend all morning shopping, and I bought some pretty awesome things! I promise to snap some pics of the outfits later (I just dont wanna lift a finger right now!), their pretty perfect, and I also bought that coat from H&M that I had my eyes on for quite some time now, its adorable! I think the most pricey thing I got, was a beautiful silk shirt from Hillfiger, but I just had to have it, it was beautiful. Some people say ”Clothes makes a person” – And maybe its a little vain, but it is true. Just look at ”Pretty Woman”, ow.. I feel like watching that movie now, haha! But when she starts dressing differently, people take her more serious, and I feel like I have come to a place in life where I need some nicer clothes, Im 24 and now Its not little glittery tops, but nice shirts and good quality pants, no more glittery stuff, yuck!

While shopping, one of the clerk girls in the store I was in, started looking at me, and I was thinking to myself that it was kinda strange, and then she came over, and asked me ”Hey can I ask you a question?” and it just sorta threw me, and I just muttered that ofc she could, and she started talking about my shoes, and where I had bought them, that was kinda fun, loved that one! Haha.. The other clerk girls came over too, and while I was telling her where in Copenhagen that I found the shoes, she was telling the girl that she knew that place, and they had amazing shoes.. Damn a fun conversation!

A little update on work!

As you all might have read on my earlier posts, I have applied for a job, that I really hoped to get, and I really dident think I would get. But, faith threw a curve ball, and here I am, with a job, starting THIS MONDAY! How awesome is that? And yea, I know the thing about praising yourself is a little silly, but I seriously patted my own back when I got that job, its just perfect for me. So I am going to be selling jewelry again, and I know that Im good at it, I worked with this before, just in another store, I loved it. I have a dress code on my ”soon to be job”, so thats kinda why I went shopping, NO JEANS at work, and I actually like it, jeans are okay, yeah! But It just gets to be a everyday thing honestly, so it gets boring, so while shopping, I bought 3 pairs of pants, and their pretty nice looking!

Right now, Sammi is lying by my side sleeping, while I’m blogging with you guys! Hope everyone has a great weekend, cause I sure am!







I bought more, but I will just snap some pics another day!


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