A lucky day!

The past few days has been one long wait, cause I have been searching for a job everywhere and I have been running around everywhere with my former job descriptions to every store that I liked.. It had been a mess, especially due to the financial crisis this country has at the moment! But these last few days I have almost given up! No one needs employees… Sigh!

But then this Wednesday I got a phone call from the boss of a big chain of jewelry stores in this country, first he just wanted to hear more about me, an I was just happy I got that second call! Then he called me again today, and he said that he might have something for me! It’s perfect… I got so happy, and everyone applied for that job, cause it was in the paper, but I have worked in a jewelry store before, so I guess I had a good shot! Damn I’m so happy you guys… Nothing can get me down today, god it’s perfect…. Now I can save up properly and get the last and most important thing for our apartment, two great armchairs! I have been feeling amazing ever since this phone call, it’s just crazy… Now I have my studies and my part time job, and I can afford a lot more in the near future!

With love..


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