The yearly flea market!

Again, like the other past years, the flea market started this Friday (today) and will be here all weekend, with all kinds of exiting things to buy! It’s actually not a proper flea market, cause most of the stands are shops that just turn their prices very low just for the weekend! Of course there is some real stands with old things, some are even antique! But I went there again this year, like I do every year when the flea market gets to town, and mostly cause of the awesome china boxes you can eat there – their the yummiest I’ve ever tasted! Also I had my dog with me, he is nine months old now, and is the perfect age to tag along! My friend took her dog with as well! Her dog is my dogs best playmate / girlfriend! 😉 Both of them is Yorkshire Terriers, and they just adore each others company! I bought a few things this year, here is some of the things I got, and most of them is for Sammi of course! XD





I bought two special bones for Sammi, cause he is so picky.. So I had to spoil him just a little, by letting him pick out his own bone! He was quite pleased!

I finally found a good cover for my iPhone 4S, and it’s cheap too! Yes!

I had to get proper scissors for when I trim Sammi, and as everyone might know, a Yorkie is a long haired dog normally, and it doesn’t shed. So I desperately needed proper gear for the job, and I found it! And for cheap money too! Woohoo for that!

The last picture is Sammi sound asleep in the bed, cuddled up in my blanket! He is so cute! He had a long day, we bicycled out there, and home, and it isn’t that close, even though its in the same town, let’s just say that!

I had a little bit of a sad day to begin with, but my friends and a trip to the yearly flea market seemed to cheer me up! It’s amazing to have good friends!

Hope everyone had a good day!
With love..


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