A busy bee!




Yesterday whilst walking my dog, I went through the little gardens that people own near my apartment, where they grow all their greens! One of my best friends parents have one of these gardens and it’s just beautiful! Today his mom was in their garden, removing some weeds and picking some greens to eat. I passed by and said hello, and somehow we just got to talk! She is a really nice person, and she gave me this HUGE squash! Damn… But I will look forward to eating it, I love squash! I was also babysitting my friends dog yesterday, she is so cute! Today I am going to my nephews birthday and my Bigsister is cooking, she is a great cook, so I just know that today will be amazing! I’m taking Sammi with me, he goes almost everywhere that I go.. Hehe.. He isn’t a “bag dog”, I treat him like a dog, not just like a bag or an accessory! He has four legs, and he uses them..

Hope everyone will have a great Friday!

With love..


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