Working out


Let’s just say I am the “sleep till noon” kinda gal! But today I tried to push myself a bit, and I so know my leg muscles will be sore tomorrow! – But it’s worth it.. I went running, and no it’s not jogging, I don’t do jogging! It’s running, and I of course can’t run long distances yet, but I do run intervals, so it’s running and walking, but if the pulse gets up, then it’s a workout! So I think I do pretty damn good, cause when I got home, I was damn near dead! Running is by far one of the hardest things to start up with, and it’s not to pat myself on the back or anything! I run cause its free! When you start up, you either just go out and start running like your life depended on it, or you do it slow and steady.. Me being young, I just go for it, but oh I will get so damn sore tomorrow! That’s the only problem I got, the recovering..

Today I accidentally strained a muscle in my left leg, so my knee and thigh is pretty sore at the moment.. But luckily it’s a minor strain, so I will live, I just can’t go running tomorrow, due to the strain, else it could be even worse.

Do you guys work out? What do you do for a good workout, and for how long and how many days a week?

With love…


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