Rain rain go away…




Today has been the most horrible weather in Denmark.. It’s thunder, lightning and rain.. It plain sucks! I wish I could just make it go away, such an unfair weather! I wanted to go take a run and sit on the balcony, but now I am trapped inside, with a book – at least it’s not a bad book, luckily! I’m reading a book written by Laurell K. Hamilton, it’s a huge series of books, called “Anita Blake, Vampire hunter” and I’m at like.. Book sixteen! Damn… XD and there is nineteen books total, so I still have some to read! It’s an awesome series, and full of strong women, that can take care of them self, which I kinda like.. Not any weak girls in there, waiting to be rescued! Go Laurell! I think it’s amazingly written, and I even passed on this book craze to my downstairs neighbor, who thinks their amazing as well! The book is far from an ordinary vampire novel, it’s full of action, and very tough-edged! I adore this book!

Hope some of you guys have better weather than here!

With love..


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