Being kind, even when met with anger

As you all might alredy know

… I am a Buddhist and I always try to live by the wise words that are often spoken of, when a problem arises.. Like Gandhi always quotes “You must be the change you want to see in the world” and “An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind”

The way I tend to create peace in my mind and soul again (Yea it sounds completely ridicules, but I get this really bad angry and sad knot in my tummy, an it feels awful!) is to give something nice back, even though I got none from them to begin with, to make them wonder if they should have treated me kinder. I use to smile and nod, simply just to make them know that I acknowledge their opinion, that I disagree is not important, or I tell them sorry, and why do I do this? If they think I made a mistake, I am truly sorry, but if I think it’s a mistake personally – isn’t always the important thing.

Today was one of those unfortunate days, where I ran into one of my upstairs neighbors, that was in a quite bad mood. My door slammed due to the constant open windows in the day time, cause it gets warm in our apartment, and he got really mad and began to shout, I just nodded, listened and said mostly nothing. After that I went inside, and I took a cold beer from the fridge, tied a bow around it and wrote a simple note “I’m sorry” and then my door number, so he knew it was me, and put it in front of his door. I hope he will consider treating people with more respect next time he finds himself treated unfair or has a bad day.. We are all human beings and we all deserve and need the same respect to thrive in this modern society.

Have you guys had any bad experiences of this kind lately, and if you had, what did you guys do?

With love..


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