My Friday!


My Friday (yesterday), was a little busy, but truly amazing! First we went to look at an apartment near mine, mostly just to see how it looked, but also for my sister, sometime in the near future, (in about a year or so). The apartment was kinda beautiful, I liked it, and it was newly renovated, with a new kitchen and a new bathroom, thats rare to see! Mostly because its so damn expensive to renovate both of those! It was at the first floor, 66M2, like my own, and in pretty good shape. But my sister wasn’t really into it, it just didn’t scream “home” to her, so we decided not to go for it. After the small apartment hunt, my family had to go to the inside of Copenhagen to get some allergy results, it’s my little sister who has the allergies, and we actually learned that she is pretty allergic to pollen! :/ kinda annoying.. After the tests, we went to a restaurant inside the city of Copenhagen, called Italiano, which is one of my favorite restaurants, if I’m in the mood for Italian food! Yum..

I had an awesome lasagna, and we looked at the tiny city train when it was passing by, picking up tourists, driving them around. After our early dinner, we went shopping, or we just browsed a bit really! I bought a nose piercing jewelry for myself, that fits me a lot better than the one I had in. – Kinda great, cause it really started to annoy me a lot, when I had the old one in. It tend to move around and just be a plain pain in the … Bum?! XD heh.. So I was pretty damn happy to get another one! *YEY*

After this very exiting day, I came up with the conclusion; my dog has to have fleas! I think he got them from some damned cat or something, those beasts pick up everything outside (that’s why I do not own a cat!) XD and because I’m a little allergic… Yep! So we vacuumed and put all of our pillows, blankets, bed sheets and clothes from yesterday in black plastic bags, tied a knot on them, and we will let them be for a few days, so we are sure the fleas have died! Sammi, the poor thing, got a bath first off, and then a flea treatment! Then I took a shower, and the hubby did so too! Damn a circus! But at least we are flea-free! XD I just hate those little bastards, and they got me good! I was scratching all over.. Sigh! Poor Sammi, but at least he didn’t mind all that much, luckily!

Today (Saturday), I’m going to Ikea to buy my little shelfs, to decorate my end wall with! It’s gonna look perfect! Here is a pic of the shelfs in action, a little bit like what I want to do on my wall! I think it’s so simple and modern too! My wall is pretty empty at the moment, with only a few DVD racks on it, so that needed to be changed!



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