Another month has passed

With this month almost passed, I decided to write a “this month” cause it’s been a while since I wrote one!

This has been a hectic month for me, birthdays, gatherings, friends, problems and so on.. I had my fair share! But this month has been a great one even though. I even had time to sit and relax, read a good book, or take a walk in the woods, with Sammi!

I had a lot of friends and family at my place this month, I cooked some really awesome meat for my girlfriend, her boyfriend, my next door neighbor (the roomy lol) and my fiancé! I bought a new painting for my bedroom, and it fits perfectly! I had some awesome mornings, waking up with Sammi lying all cuddled up next to me, and I even colored my hair, and had a whole new haircut! I love getting new haircuts, it just gets boring if it’s the same old stuff all over again! You guys like it? Hehe.. I am trying to grow my hair a bit longer, my fiancé finds it pretty in this length, so I’m keeping it for now! (Don’t quite know if I can stand it long!) hehe..


With love..


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