A new haircut!

Today I finally got my hair styled and cut, not short, but just so the damaged ends could come off and my hair can look healthy again! Oh it was great.. No better feeling than that… I also got my brows colored and plucked, that was a bitch, cause it always hurts so damn much, but it changes my face to the better every time when I get them plucked by a professional, it just gets better!


This was at a Café, where we had a coke and some fries, I just had to show you guys how much I actually swell up and my eyes watered! It was horrible… Ouch! But the finished result is great, what we women do to look good huh?! Ouch….




This is my hair, the finished results, and you can also see that my brows is a lot less swollen! Thank god, but it had to take two hours to settle back to normal… Damn! The horror… Lol!

Random question, why does people dislike having brown eyes? I met so many who hated it and found it boring… I find it kinda cute! Strange really, to hate brown eyes… I don’t even know my own eye color, green, brown?! Ehh.. Some even said it was blue! Wtf! Take a pick yourself.. Here is a pic of my eyes! They tend to change color sometimes, and my mom said that they always had a mind of their own, so yea… XD


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