I am who I am..





I guess I am one of those people who just aren’t like the average young girl, and who cares! Good for me honestly, cause I don’t feel like being average! It’s boring… I’m a geek, boyish and I like to stand out, even if it makes people dislike me, then their just not worth getting to know anyway, that’s just my opinion!

I don’t care if anyone finds me ugly, so what, I like myself, I’m not perfect but I’m damn close, and in my own eyes, I am just as I wished to be, no regrets, no mistakes big enough to make me feel sad about myself or the past, but just enough to get wiser, to learn from everything.

My friends are my safe haven, their the most important thing in my life, their the family I choose myself. They also made me who I am today. I am amazed how much my friends have had my back the last few weeks, and I am truly blessed to be amongst such great people..

More people should learn to live by the saying “life is only as good as you make it” – it is you who control your own goals and destiny. It is not a finished road, but will take you anywhere you want to go, you just have to make up your mind!

With love…


4 thoughts on “I am who I am..

      • nope not kidding….i am boyish, kiddish and mostly too different for some people…which often makes me wonder if i should myself but no i should celebrate myself and who im .. your post reminds me its okay to be me..

      • Ow! 🙂 thanks..

        I’m really happy you saw it that way and I used to think a lot about it but not anymore, I am me, its not changeable! Being yourself is being unique, and that is pretty in itself!

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