A little get-together!






I promised my friends a little housewarming party, and finally after my exams, I had time to throw a little get-together for my friends! We had Mexican pancakes, with nachos, salsa and guacamole! Yum.. It was a great evening and I enjoyed myself a lot, it’s nice to have some good and loving friends to make a rainy day brighter! (It was raining like crazy outside!) but even though the weather sucked, we had a perfect time! The pictures is my friends at the dinner table, and the handsome Romanian guy in the black shirt, that’s Alex my fiancé. 😉

Sammi ate a sun lolly Popsicle, or he ate the little I had left, but ohh he loved it! (I gotta watch him carefully around my Popsicles now!)

We had an awesome day and in the end we watched “Queen of the damned”, oh she is just too beautiful! <;3 thanks to my awesome friends for being there, celebrating our new place!


3 thoughts on “A little get-together!

  1. Such get togethers are seriously ESSENTIAL after hectic examination schedules no?
    Good that you enjoyed a day out with friends.
    Nice pictures. Sami and Alex both look great 😉

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