Looking for a job

I am a very passionate person, and if there is something that I have put my mind up to, I make damn sure I succeed! That’s sometimes a gift, being stubborn rocks!

I am now looking for a job that I can do in my spare time, and I’m hoping to find the perfect job! One that suits me just right! I applied two places that I found perfect! One as a phone salesman, where I get people to support the African women, who often dies giving birth to their children. A great cause and I think it will make me believe that I do a difference! The other one is quite simple, a salesman of jewelry, a quite known brand, and I will tell you more if I get the job ofc! But truth is, if I get both jobs offered I will take both. It’s part time jobs, and I could really use the money. It’s nice to have something extra every month! Maybe a savings account, and to get my fridge and oven changed, with newer models soon! Who knows?

I just know that I wrote some really good applies for these two jobs, and I hope to hear from them both! If not, I will look some more, there has to be something out there for me!

What do you guys do as a spare time job? Or a full time too! Do you like your jobs? Do you feel like you do a difference? Hope you guys are doing good!

With love..
From Miamariah!


7 thoughts on “Looking for a job

    • It sounds cool! 🙂

      I would love to just have a job, cause there’s still things we need in the apartment.. A great armchair and some shelfs and paintings! 😉

      I just like the old Japanese paintings, so that’s a lot of working hours! 😉 their pricey…

  1. I love my job. I work in sales and personal counseling for a weight control company. I love getting the opportunity to help people get healthier and watch them progress on their weight loss journey 🙂

    • That sounds awesome!

      I would really love to do something important too, something that made a difference, like something similar to your job.. 🙂

      I would like to work and know I help people, that would give me a great feel when I went to work! Truly..

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