Sunburn and good friends






The other day (Thursday), I went with my mom to a private hospital, to get her ears checked out, due to a terrible cold that had spread to her ear canals.. My dad, mom and I went there together, and it went fine, she is perfectly alright and she has gotten some pills to help the lowered hearing.

After a very quick and fast examination, due to the private hospitals perfect care, we went to a little Café, and the sun was shining so bright, so we decided to sit out in the sun! (My poor back!) I ended up with a pretty painful sunburn and I promised myself to be more careful now, cause damn it was red! Alex (my fiancé) laughed so bad at me, cause the print on my back looks terrible! Typical me… *lol*

After that cozy day out, we had a “girls night” or at least an unplanned one! I have two great friends at my apartment building, and the three of us ended up in my downstairs neighbors apartment (Jane), we just had a great time, I feel very much at home here, it’s just great.. I was a bit anxious about moving into an apartment building, and knowing anyone, but it turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever done!

Hope everyone have had some great days, and a good start at the summer vacation!

With love…


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