Welcome back insomnia


Oh welcome back insomnia, my old “friend”, how I just haven’t missed you… My exams are this tuesday, the 19th to be exact, and I believe this insomnia attack is due to my exams coming up. I keep telling myself that it will be okay and I will be all fine, but damn how I worry. Buy hey, saying it’s gonna be ok enough times might make me believe that I will be fine right?

Tonight I spend reading a book at first, but i finished it quite fast. Then I started looking at my empty bedroom wall, and realized that I had two amazing Japanese inspired wall stickers lying around, so I went into a creative state, and started placing them on the very bare white wall. It looks kinda awesome now, maybe I’ll rearrange it a little, or only keep one in my bedroom and move another to the living room, not sure yet, but it’s a fantastic idea, cause with these stickers you don’t get your all newly painted walls ruined! I am in love with Japanese art, it’s beautiful and simple, I have a big tattoo on my hip/thigh, and its picturing a cherry blossom branch, and a Japanese kanji that says “ki” or in Chinese “chi”, means your inner souls strength. A strong soul by accomplishing peace within, to be excact. On my wrist, I have a Japanese kanji who stands for strength, a very personal thing happened once, where strength got a whole new meaning, so I carry it on my wrist forever now. In all I have 3 tattoos – two of them Japanese inspired, one is of my favorite animals, the firefly and the butterfly, that one I can show you guys another time.

Are you guys as crazy about anything as I am about Japanese art? Do tell!

Blog ya’ later!

With love..


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