Exam Anxieties

Im just a wuss!

There, now its out there, I am really worried about my exam, and well, I guess its okay to be a bit nervous, but I have never had this much anxiety about an exam before, this is just scary! But I hope to just pass, and go through to the second year, and finish my education, so I can set up a business of my own, and start my dream. This is it, this is the final exam of the first year of my Multimediadesign education, and if I dont pass, I wont go through to the next year, thats damn scary! I think its pretty sad if I would fail, and I wish that I could be confident enough to just say ”Ah ofc I will pass, its a piece of cake!” But some of it is hard, and well, I just don’t want to be asked anything that I can’t give a propper anwser to! But I will just read up, try my best, and hope to go through this year with a propper grade, that I can be proud of. In my family its very important to get a good grade, and I am not excatly an honor student. I always passed my exams, but I am not the one with all the highest grades at all, I wish that it could be different this time.. But I can say for sure, that its been a great process, a great group of people we gathered, and some great work we have done. Im proud of what we accomplished, it was fun! Now I just hope that its good enough..


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