Today’s outfit!


Today I’m wearing layers! My new jeans from H&M, with my white basic top from Vila and my comfy black shirt from Gina Tricot. I love layers, their just smart! It can make an outfit look completely different from your everyday regular tee and top. My gold necklace I just never take off, my mom gave it to me after we came home from my first vacation in five years, I used to be very ill, and when I finally beat my illness, we went traveling. After the trip, my mom gave that to me as a gift “to protect you” she said, so I feel like it’s a little piece of her heart that I carry with me everywhere I go.

Do you guys have a treasured item too? And if so, which one and do tell its story! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Today’s outfit!

  1. I wear my Tiffany & Co. key necklace everyday. I bought it for myself a few years ago as a gift to myself after a fairly tumultous long term relationship. Cheesy as it sounds, it’s the key to my own heart and it belongs to me. I told myself that I can give it away to the right person but that I should always have a spare.

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