Preparing for the exams!


Today I had my friends over that I had grouped up with for the exams, we had to do them in groups, that’s how our education works, and we had to be at least three in our group, we ended up being max amount of people in the group, five people. Christian P, Lasse, Annette, Christian S and me!

To be quite honest, we had a fantastic time and we were a really good group! I loved the group and would 100% want to be in group with these guys again. Today we met up one last time, to make some finishing touches on our examinations, just to get all the questions cleared that people had on their mind and to chase the exam anxiety away. My fears are all gone, I feel ready to have my exam now, I hope the teachers thinks the same! *lol*

The guys and I, plus my fiancé had a great day, and we ate a delicious dinner together followed by an awesome dessert! Between this, we watched football (Denmark vs Portugal), it ended kinda sad for us (Denmark), we lost and Portugal won with 2 – 3 damn! But honestly I knew we wouldn’t win, our team just aren’t that strong, sadly!

In the end of dinner, my neighbor Maria came with chocolate cake! So I invited her in, to eat with the rest of us. All of us had a great time – even tho Denmark lost! *lol* We gotta do that again someday, it was wonderful..

What did you guys do today?

Blog ya’ later!
With love


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