Steaaady does it!

I started rollerblading!


I used to be pretty damn skilled at rollerblading, so I decided to go out, get some exercise, and have a bit of fun while doing it! So I found my rollerblades lying around in my parents house, and started this old hobby of mine up again. And I have to say damn its hard to start up again! Not because its hard to rollerblade, its pretty easy, and I learned fast, but its a pain for my feet and my legs, I will get alot of exercise out of this, thats for sure. But its in a different and fun way! I only have my wrist protectors on, cause the wrists are impossible to put back together if something bad happens. I was out rollerblading for half an hour today, that was pretty cool, but I took it easy in the beginning, no fast and scary rides for me anytime soon – I dont look for a hospital bed, I try to stay out of them, thank you very much! *lol* Hope everyone had a nice Monday!


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