Body images and clothes

It has arrived!

Finally, the clothes I ordred from Gina Tricot arrived, it was a bit dissapointing that I had to wait that long, but its here, and its pretty much as I expected it to look like! The skirt is a bit too small, and its completely sold out in the stores *bummer*, but my little sister wants to sell her identical skirt, and I bought it, its a size bigger, so that will fit me perfectly. (Yes me and my sister have the sime clothes size). This skirt ill sell for a 100 DKK to anyone who bids.. Higher bid than a 100 DKK will reserve the skirt 100% – So if anyone is intrested, bid away!

The top fits me perfectly, its a small, and well Ive always been a small normally, so thats pretty fine. The skirt is a size 36 so I got bigger hips lately, damn! *lol* But its fine, I cant stay super skinny forever, but I was super skinny when I was younger, and it was pretty awesome to eat whatever the hell I wanted, belive me, its something I cherished! But now, I am just a bit carefull, but I still eat candy, drink soda and so on, I still ”live”, but I just watch out. I have a pretty normal weight, my BMI chart would say I was underweight, but I do not look that skinny to be honest! I look normal, and Im pretty content with the weight I have now.

Have you guys ever tried to be put down for being to skinny or too heavy? If so, what was your experience with this? Im pretty intrested in hearing other peoples stories, cause now a days, its crazy sick how people judge each other! Being too skinny or too heavy, what the hell is normal really? Hm.. I belive that finding peace within yourself to say that your own body is good as it is, is the best and most healthy choise. If I am not content with my body, I will change it, for myself, no one else. What do you guys think?

Blog ya’ later! With love..



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