Time for a manicure!

Just a little me time!

I badly needed to get my nails done, so I decided to do a manicure myself, Its just way cheaper, and then I can afford more clothes and other goodies for myself this month! Its just completely win, win! *Woohoo* This is the following items I used for my very simple home made manicure:



Im a big fan of the hand & nail lotion its fantastic, I use it almost every day, and It gives you silky soft hands, and your cuticles are easier to work with. Its just a perfect product, and its really affordable! All in all, very easy manicure!

Ive been surfing around online, and looked alot on eBay, they have some amazing nail manucure kits, (not the false nails, Im really not into that, Its just not my thing, dont know why, just hate having false nails on, it buggs me!) but, polishes and nail stampers, (YES stampers) their little tiny stampers, that you put onto a metal plate, with a trim on, and you press it down on it, and it creates this pretty intresting designs, you can look for yourself right here, or this one here! Their pretty cool, and way easy to use if the pictures tells the truth in the descriptions! Ive been thinking about getting some of those, just to try them out, to see what their like! There is also something like this, tapers, wich you apply to your nails, and they can look just as picture perfect as having them made in a expensive salon! But my all time favorite that I found on eBay, was these polishes! Its pretty fantastic looking, and so damn simple to do yourself! That one, I am 100% buying sometime very soon!

Blog ya’ later! With love..



3 thoughts on “Time for a manicure!

    • Naah not really.. Im just good at not stressing about the examination itself, but the assignment I had to do, I was way stressed out about!

      Now, its just to read up, and do my best. Its mostly out of my hands, cause the assignment for the exam is alredy turned in. 😉

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