Summer vacation

Great vecation tips!

Yea.. This is me.. Mexico 2011 – I knoow my hair is real short! XD

Best vacation: Mexico has been the best by far! It just beats everywhere Ive ever been.. That place was pure heaven. The culture, the people and the hotel was just amazing. It was a four star hotel, and an all inclusive travel, we had everything, and never had to lift a finger. The food, drinks, cocktails and dessert was all inclusive, and it was perfect! We had alot of money for shopping, sightseeing and presents for people back home. That place will forever be in my heart.. Beautiful cenotes, mangroves and beaches.

Worst vacation: France, in Paris, I were in Disneyland.. Damn that place sucked! I was so dissapointed.. Stands everywhere who was trying to sell you useless shit, and just so many damn stores, with stupid stuffed toys.. They were simply almost trying to robb people. So sad really. Good that wasent the only place we vicited in France, we also lived at a big park, in a giant house trailer, and that was cool.. Big pools everywhere and so on, that was kinda lucky. Disneyland is just sad, I was told it should be amazing, magical and exiting – it just wasent, Ive been alot better places. France isent my thing, the service at resturant is poor, the french hates smiling and well, they dont really speak much english. I cant be bothered to learn french just cause the french people are refusing to learn english! The end… Sigh!

I have been many places, even tho Im pretty ”young”.. I have been very fortunate to have some parents that has saved up for traveling alot, and often. I had a pretty nice childhood, and I think seeing different places around the world really builds a perspective somehow. Poor places, rich places, it just seems to give a better view on life, and how everyone else around the world is doing, what their countries looks like. When I compare myself to other people all over the world, Im doing pretty damn good! I love Denmark, but I also love to travel, its a magical feeling.


5 thoughts on “Summer vacation

    • Thats EU history? Damn… You should go other places in the EU too! XD Denmark (my country) is awesome, but a bit like the UK, rainy and a little cold at the moment.. But you can get lucky with the weather sometimes tho.. Germany is awesome, especially the artistic place where I went with my school for a few months ago, that was fantastic! The French is just a bit too much for me, their not plesant to be around for longer than two weeks, and I was glad to go home..

      • I know they have that cold and arrogant attitude! I just adore France for the fact that I love all the history associated to it.
        Yeh, Germany is one good place. Especially Berlin and the it’s small wonderful villages.
        Well about Denmark, I can’t say much, I really need to visit it once in my life 😉 (No offense meant) 😀

    • Well Denmark aint all that, but we do have our charm! 🙂

      We have the little mermaid, Tivoli, Bakken (Those two are amusement parks) and we have great places to go eat, and clubs too. Inside of Copenhagen, theres life and joy, and beautiful old buildngs, mixed with new ones too.

      We have ”Fisketorvet” as a shopping centre, and Fields, but Im not that fond of Fields, its too big and depressing out there to be honest. Fisketorvet is a nice mall, with great stores and good places to eat. 🙂

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