Today’s outfit


My outfit today was something I threw on to go walk my dog at 8 in the morning, and it was a tad cold, so I decided to use leggings, a pair of basic black shorts from Gina Tricot, a basic white top from H&M, oversized knitwear shirt from Gina Tricot in black (all new) and my beloved blue and white Converse with stars.

I kinda looked at myself in the mirror that morning and thought to myself “hey that’s not all bad!”

I have a thing for knitwear and this one is just so comfy to wear, I would like to wear shorts a lot during summer time, if the weather aren’t fair, well work around it! – So I did, with the leggings it wasn’t that cold outside. My Converse brought my outfit some sense of street mixed with classic, I like that! That’s why my Converse is used a lot! Hope you guys are managing the weather too, too hot, too cold or whatever, just make it work! Haha..

With love


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