Pieces sale!

Rockin’ skull bracelets!


Well, these bracelets I found in Pieces, for 10 DKK a piece, and thats super cheap. Their cute, festival-ish type of bracelets, and I loved them both, and they looked awesome together, so I ended up buying them both. For the neat price of 20 DKK, and then I have some fashion colors on, they just seem to make an outfit, and they completely made mine! And they fit my new swimsuit/tankini, who has pink pearls on the tankini bottoms, in the strings you tie at the sides.. Its quite perfect. Im not much for pink clothes, shoes and so on. I think that I own one piece of pink clothing, and thats something my dad bought me, and I never wear that shirt. So I started out in the details this summer, maybe Ill like it so much that I dare to buy more, who knows? The shoes from Bianco I posted about earlier is also pink, but also, in the details, I have to admit, they look pretty great on! Damn those shoes really got to me.. *SOBS!*

The rings: The 18 carat gold ones from the jewlery store where I used to work at, I bought it for almost nothing, cause it was on sale, the silver one with the pretty crystal stone is the engagement ring my fiancé gave to me at my 20th birthday party. ❤ Both rings are very dear to me, I always wear them!

The nails: Essie polish, my favorite shade ”Waltz”, it just gives the nails a perfect shade of white and makes them look like you just had a french manicure.


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