Ohh… I WANT!

Beautiful summer sandals!

Well, I saw these in a Bianco store, and thought they looked amazing, but so is the price, damn… I think all Bianco shoes are way expensive, its such a shame, cause some of them really are beautiful. This one would be perfect for summer, I just dont see myself giving 400 DKK for a pair of sandals, thats just crazy. Especially when theres other stores wich have just as nice sandals, only cheaper. I ended up looking alot at these, thinking about it, and then leaving the store, having these babies ordred home, but I think that I might cancel them, cause their too expensive. Their awesome though, nice to walk in, and light as a feather. The color is perfect for this summer, colors are very in this summer, all in pastels! Im still thinking about it, but I might find some other sandals, thats alot cheaper, I dont quite know yet.. Sigh, so sad about the price! But I do feel all grown-up and proud of myself, for saying ”Naahh, Ill think about it!” And then just going home, and considering it some more. *GO ME!*


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