Exam project finished

Finally its over

All the writing, the planning, the assignments.. Its over now, I can only wait and see, how it will be turning out now, Its out of my hands right now, and Im pretty content actually. The whole thing has gone okay, Ive been crazy busy, things has happend all around me, and I had many downs through out this time, sadly. But this should be a good day today, everything is turned in, its done, finished and I can breathe now. But Im feeling ill right now, dizzy and tired constantly. I tried sleeping alot, drinking water, getting fresh air.. Nothing helps at all. I think Its due to me being so stressed out by the project we had to have done, but It shouldent keep going like this.. I will know soon enough if Im ill, or just stressed.

Now Im just waiting till the 19th, to go though the examination, and then, there will be a very long summer break for me. Its going to be awesome! Now I just hope the weather gets better, so I can work on my balcony floors some more, and get the garden furniture my mom and dad ordred used alot when it arrives.


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