Oh welcome back insomnia


Sometimes I have these horrible nights where I suffer from some crazy insomnia attacks.. This is one of these nights, and I’m kept up, thinking of what this year already means to many people.. My friends, family and my fiancé.

It’s been a very sad start on a year of the dragon, the chinese way of having star signs, my year. The dragon is a proud and strong creature, surrounded by respect and succes. It’s a very awesome animal year to be born in, and this year, it’s the dragons year yet again.

It’s said that when you find yourself in your birth year, you should be very fortunate, and good things will happen to you, well I could use that now I guess. So much has happend and the year has just begun.

Right now I would be happy if my exams went the way I hoped them to, I just want proper grades, I really just want to look back at this year and remember an awesome year with a really good grade.

I will try going to sleep once more, not that I expect to succeed, but hey, there’s always trying, points to me for that! Night everyone!


2 thoughts on “Oh welcome back insomnia

  1. For some reason, I’ve been an insomniac lately as well! And recently, I’ve been convinced of some supernatural force in my bedroom… it freaks me out a little bit. Hopefully we’ll both find peace soon. Good luck on exams!

    • I don’t quite know how to kick it though! It just stays there and sometimes jumps me, and even if I’m really tired, it just bugs me!

      My sleeping rhythm just gets destroyed and in the end, I’m left with a horrible nights sleep, due to insomnia. Even after days I feel that lack of a nights sleep still..

      Thx for sharing as well! And thx for the comment, it’s always nice with people commenting!

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