My early birthday gift


I like my birthdays less and less, and well maybe its because I’m turning 24 now? Or that I’m just a tad vain, and hate telling people my age, and they just look at me with an open mouth for a second or two, and say ”Oh I diden’t know you were that old” that old? Really? THAT old? Great thanks, that was nice.. Always makes me feel annoyed to be reminded I’m old, and well yea, I guess I’m old, or atleast older.. I don’t mind the getting old part, It’s just people trying to make it so huge, that I’m getting old, yea, I’m an older person than I was last year, and thank god for that huh?

My mom and dad, has given me a gift alredy, it haven’t arrived yet, but it will soon probably, it depends on the truck sending it, but this gift is just what I wanted, and what I have been sighing about the last month, a complete furniture set for my balcony. Two chairs, a bench and a table with a glass surface, all in black, like on the picture. Its beautiful, and just so perfect, cause there is no need to maintain this furniture set! I took a few pictures from their website, so you guys can see the entire thing, I just cant wait to get this gardenset home, and sit in it, and enjoy my summer!


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