A hot summer day!





Today we had a whopping 27 degrees in Denmark! It was wonderful! I was sitting inside, writing some que cards for my exams, and decided to take my Yorkie Sammi for a walk.. This was what met us.. Yelling young people, laughing, racing each other.. One of these people were my great friend, and I went to say hi. He told me that all of this was due to their last day of school, and well.. Me being a tad older than him, forgot when that used to be! Congrats to them, and woohoo for their last day of studies. I feel old! Bahh..

Today I spend the evening at my parents, we had a great dinner and I had fun walking the dogs, and ended up in the garden with my sisters dog, splashing water on her, and she was trying to catch the water in her mouth, going all crazy. It was a great day, my dad came home after a business trip he had been on, and I sorta missed him a lot, so it was nice to see him, was the only time I could, cause he is leaving tomorrow, another business trip awaits him, I just hope he doesn’t overwork himself.

Sitting in the sun was almost too warm! But all my flowers has loved it! When I got home from my parents in the late evening, I swear they had grown! My strawberry plants looks huge! I will have a ton of them this summer, yum! My mom helped me get some lavenders from her garden, so I have two pots of lavenders now! I also got a pot of lovely green ivy plants, that I want crawling on my balcony wall, on the left side. I’m in love with the type of garden who looks like a forrest! I want my mini garden to be a magical little place, like a secret garden, that looks a bit overgrown, but still kept neat! I want pots with plants everywhere, and a lot of edible plants, I can use in my cooking! It’s brilliant not to buy everything, but to grow them myself! I promise to snap more pictures of my soon to be secret garden slash balcony! XD And maybe a few sketches of how I see my balcony in the future!


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