The naked truth..


well lately I have been kinda down, and I just decided to let go of some of the pain Im feeling and to share this dark spot inside of me, with people reading my blog, cause this is how I really want my blog to be like.. Honest and personal.

Sunday the 13th of May, I got a phone call from a good buddy of mine, telling me that a very dear friend of mine just lost his dad. From one day to another – just gone! I just didn’t wanna believe it at first, his dad being so young and all.. But it was true.. And I went there that Sunday, trying to comfort him and his family, with a lot of his other great friends and his loving family.

All that went through my mind while i was there, was how you raise your kids as a parent, trying to make them succeed in life. I think, that this man has taught his kids the most important thing in the world, to be kind and honest, to be good and loyal friends and always to speak nicely to others and they loved him so much. He was truly a great dad to them, and he will always be.

The whole thing has just made me think a lot, and yea I’m pretty scared of the same thing happening to one of my parents, and I feel like shit for even thinking that, when my friend is hurting like this. I’m just the type of person that speculates a lot. This was one thing that really caught me off guard, and I have slept so poorly after this Sunday. I hope when I write this down, I can get some release from my thoughts, from the images I have in my head, of my friend and his little sister crying.. It was just heartbreaking, and I’m healing as we speak, from this whole thing, not knowing how to act..

This is my very best guy friend, and he needs his friends and family now, and I just hope that I can be there for him, just as he’s always been there for me. He has supported me many times and I just wanna do as good as he has done when I was the one needing support.

Now I’m gonna try sleeping again, doubt it will work, but at least I got this written down, got it out and into writing, which is very dear to me, this is my way of grieving and trying to rise.


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