Shopping outlet

Every year in Denmark..

Theres a fashion outlet, in a town called Valby, and I made it a habbit, to go and look at it every year with my mom and sister. This year I dident really think that I would find anything, but I actually did find alot. I got alot of different things this time, amongst them, a knitted oversized shirt, wich is amazing, a cardigan in black, wich is very pretty and a top, wich is just so different, that it rocks! I love going to fashion outlets, and in a way, I always end up buying something, mostly things I tend to wear alot. Last year I bought a leather jacket, that I simply love. So yet again, I had a great time at this years Outlet!

After the shopping, we always sit at this over crowded café, and have a soda and a sandwich, this day was no exception! This is a picture, of the massive bags of stuff I carried around. I bought two thick blankets this time, for a great price, and their allergy friendly, wich means I dont have to worry about getting any allergies from my blankets. I also bought a pillow, for only a 100 DKK, wich is cheap! That too is allergy friendly. God.. Look at all the stuff I got… Woops, good I dident have to carry all that home by myself!


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