A wonderful childhood

I was a very lucky child

My parrents loved me so much, from the day I was born they just adored me, and for that I feel blessed. They made me who I am today, and I belive that im a pretty okay person, with a great view of life, and how to behave myself. My dad has always had this amazing passion for his kids, and how they would grow up, and what they would be capable of doing further on in their life. Like in some way, he knew that if he guided us enough, there would be no boundaries, no limits to what we would accomplish, and he would know, that he did everything he could, for us to be happy in our adult life. One of his big meanings with life, was to give his kids enough of himself and his wisdom, to live happily themself. I belive he accomplished this one hundred percent.

But no child can choose what family they get born into, and sometimes, this has horrible consequences.

I saw a Danish documentary this morning, about the life of a Danish woman named Lisbeth Zornig Andersen, who was abused as a child, got in and out of foster care, had a mom who drank all the time, did not care about how her childhood once were, and wouldent speak of it, a dad who just picked up everything and left her and her brothers, due to a younger woman he married, had a stephdad who abused her constantly from the age of 10 to the age of 13, and she had three brothers, everyone has a life now, that is horrible, all due to their childhoos being this one big mess. The one brother took his own life, the other one has massive drug problems and the last one lives where he can, and is a mess. This blog is for all the abused children out there, this is my voice, speaking up, telling people to snap out of it, get to their sences and look at what their doing to their children! There is many parrents out there, who isent fit for having children, but they do anyway.

How can you be a parrent, if you do not love your child like it was the most important thing in the world? I simply do not understand it at all, kids are meant to be cherished and loved beyond words, cause their a gift so precious. If you do not feel fit to have a child, then give it up for adoption, let someone capable of taking care of a child have that unique and wonderful experience, cause there is alot of people out there, who is dreaming of having a child of their own, in such a huge passionate way, but they cannot. Think of the people out there, having to live their life, with such a bad start as Lisbeth Zornig Andersens? How much can one child go through, before their lives are ruined forever? As a parrent you are the one who mold their lives, make them able of standing on their own two feet further on in their life, YOU alone are responsible. But how can a child cope, if they had such a life as this woman? How can people live with themsef, knowing that they ruined a life forever maybe?

Alot of cases like this is never propperly discovered, never spoken about with the parrents, and the child tries to forget, and who can blame them? We need to have the strength to either admit we wouldent make good parrents, and give the children up for adoption, or grow up, make a change and be everything that you can possibly be for this child, cause they need you, more than anything in the world.

A child will love their parrents unconditionally, but it isent always the same, the other way around… Thats a damn shame.

If just one person out there, sees this, and get their act together, I have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. Children is the day of tomorrow, and should be guarded, loved, taught and most important, always feel safe. Their future is important!

Watch the documentary that Lisbeth Zornig Andersen has made here! (Its in Danish)


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