More rain, aww..

Well, my plants loved it!

A rainy day is always good for something, atleast my plants thinks so. My basil plant is extremely happy, all my little purple Campanulas thrives and the Spanish Daisies that I planted a few of, are looking really cute! Today I went to the malls gardening centre, and bought some more flowers, and a tin flower pot, to all my spice plants. I alredy planted alot of it, and I bought some more of my favorite little flowers, the Campanulas. Their just so easy to water and they stay neat and pretty the whole summer. I also bought more spice plants for my little ”kitchen garden” so I have chives, parsley and Lemon Melissa. It will be wonderful to have it outside, and just cut a little bit off every time I have to cook something wich needs some spices in, and when it gets cold outside, I just take it inside. The last thing I bought was two big English Geraniums, in a very pale pink, that I love. They are now placed in flower pots wich are hanging up on the walls. Pictures of my little balcony garden will come soon enough, I simply love what I did to the whole balcony, it looks perfect. I also want pots who is hanging from the sealing, one in each side, just to make it pretty, it will be great.


3 thoughts on “More rain, aww..

  1. Looks like you’re taking good care of these wonderful creatures! 🙂
    Purple is JUST the right color! Keep some Tulips and Jasmine if you can. They flourish in this season.

    • I planted some tulips aswell! 😀 In red and pink shades..
      Had this thought about planting some lavender, in a big flower pot, cause they just smell so nice and I love the color purple. 🙂

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