Rain, Rain Go Away!

When the rain stopped…

Spring is truly upon us here in Denmark, and the apartment is getting ready for the summer now, with flowers, strawberries and a basil plant, wich needs a ton of water! But basil is such a needed spice for me, so I had to have it.. Its amazing! Soon I will get more, probably I will buy a huge flower pot for all my spice plants, so I know excatly where I have them. But I am in love with the colors that I choose. Purple and white, wich kinda is my favorite color I guess? Its just nice looking and simple, but I did plant more flowers, this time tulips, wich will be intresting to see grow! – If they grow! I kinda kill my flowers, I dont know why, but I do, so this year, with my new apartment and all, I am trying my very best to learn about gardening, and my basil was no beginner plant, luckily for me, I read up on it and havent killed it yet. But my little garden is my private sanctuary, to relax and get my hands dirty. Its amazing!

Do you guys have any good ideas for what I could plant in my little garden? Something that will be fairly easy to take care of, and will come back the following years maybe? I like that its a returning plant, I dont know why excatly, it just makes it easier, cause you only have to buy the plant once. Except for the spices, I want my flowers to return. Its not always that your so lucky with your spices though.


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