Oh yes I forgot!

I must have forgotten?

Well I must admit that I forgot to mention a few of my favorite products that I also just recently bought. Again, two polishes from Essie, Not just a pretty face and Naked truth, I got to be very fond of both! Naked truth is as the title describes, naked like.. I love this polish, cause its so feminine and simple, and very elegant. This polish you can wear with every type of clothes in your closet and it just still looks amazing! I can highly recommend it if you love the classic type of polish. Not just a pretty is a more girly polish, wich is more warm than the ”Naked truth” polish. Its a great summer polish, and a perfect day polish. I can best describe this polish as similar to Naked truth, but with more ”pink teint” in it, wich makes your nails look natural with one layer, and more warm! With two layers, their only a little sheer, and their in this amazing shade of pink. Then I bought the Mari Nila hair powder, wich is priceless, its this little tiny white bottle with actual powder in, that makes your thin hair look much thicker and easier to style! Its priceless and I use it every time I go out. Then I got a new product called ”Look at me” its a styling spray, that gives the hair body and volume, with a medium hold. You just need to spray it in your damp hair, and blow dry it, or in dry hair, for extra shine. Last but not least, I bought a mascara from Max Factor, wich makes the lashes very thick. I have very long lashes, and only a little thick, so I usually use the mascara for thick lashes. This one is really great, and I used it before. I like to mix and match my mascaras, use two at the same time, and so on, it just makes the results alot better. I will make another blog post about the ”Look at me” hair styling product, and tell you what I think!

With lots of love



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