A make-up tip!

A good eyeliner!

I always try to find the best eyeliner, cause its hard enough to lay a good line. The line above your eye should be as perfect as possible, and I have two very easy solutions for you guys. Are you the one who uses a regular eyeliner, the ”crayon” kind, then I found the most perfect one. It was a gift I received from my bigsister, bless her! This beauty is from Maybeline and its called Maybeline Master drama, this one will draw with the slightest touch, wich is amazing! Its so easy to use and probably one of my favorite crayon type of eyeliners. If your the type that hates to draw with a dry eyeliner, that I kinda belonged to before I found the crayon eyeliner I just mentioned, then I will suggest again a Meybeline, this time its called Maybeline Liner Definer, and its a liquid eyeliner, that you can both apply and remove very easily, its applyed with a pen, and is so easy to handle, I tell you its just a piece of cake to apply beautiful lines to your eyes with this one. But if you still think both of those are difficult to work with, you can always try this baby, again from Maybeline, and this one is a gel eyeliner – yes belive it or not, but you apply it with a brush and again this one is very easy to apply and remove again. The brush you apply it with is very little and easy to handle and it looks smooth when applied, even with a big layer. – This was a few make-up tips from me, hope you found them useful!


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