Spoiling myself today

Today I splurged..

This is what I got for myself, and I cant wait to get it!

This time I bought three different kinds of Essie nail polish to my small but growing collection, no 1. is called Carnival no 2. is Pure pearlfection. no 3 is Waltz. Essies nailpolish is kinda awesome, and I love their many colors that you can choose between. Soon I will have so many colors, that it fits every piece of clothing in my walk-in! I cant wait to try on ”Waltz”, its really pretty looking!

Why do I shop at Nicehair.dk and not other places?

Nicehair.dk is just my favorite website, its a cheap site, for beauty products in all shapes and sizes, for hair, nails, face and I can keep going! Its an amazing site to go crazy on, with the whole grand shopping spree, and I think the last few months, I bought something from that site! I am a big ”abuser” of hair products, cause my hair is very fine and thin, and their products just works, and they have a smart commenting system, so if you try out a product, it will most likely get a neat comment below, telling us how it worked for the ones before! I am stoked about this site, it is amazing. Im a multimediadesigner (in progress) myself, and this site is easy to use, easy to get your payments through, and you can choose several forms of payments! It is fantastic, due to the many choises they give you! They always have special offers, their always cheap, their shipping is fast, and for some reason, they always send me a bag of gummy-bear treats with all the products that I bought, YUM! I adore this site, and can only recommend it to everyone else who is searching for affordable products.

With lots of love!



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