Sexy designer stockings!

Looking sexy and stylish!

Do you ladies out there ever have this strange feeling, that when you put on your stockings, their either too sexy and over the top, or stylish and really boring? Well I found the perfect solution for that. A Danish designer has made a very intresting choise of career partners, and has choosen the grocery mall called Bilka, that mostly delivers fairly modest collections of very cheap clothes and is known for their huge selection of groceries, but now also can put a designers name on their list of their many clients. You can now purchase so many brilliant stockings by the Danish and gorgeous designer – that by the way are called Caroline Fleming, she is a baronesse in Denmark, and a typical Danish looking female. The stockings she has made, are just enough sexy, mixed with just enough style, to not make them over the top or vulgar. She is amazing at creating these stockings in both color, different designs and trims and when you see them, you just want all of them! One pair aint enough…


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