2. Semester exam!

Second semester exams

The exams are started, slowly but surely. Our group of four, 2 guys and two girls, have started to do some testing in the form of a questionnaire. One I put on facebook, and another one that we will bring to the school, and let the stutens of the school anwser. We choose to pick ”Tourism Management” for the one education to promote. Here we have thought alot about how to promote this education and in wich way. The questionnaire went out on facebook, for random people to help us, as much as possible. This is a link for our questionnaire. You are very welcome to click in and anwser it!

The next questionnaire, is for the students from the school, on the ”Tourism Management” education. Where we ask them of their education, what they love about it, why they think no one knows it that good and how they think it should be promoted better. The questionnaire will be out soon, and printed, and we will hand them out in some classes, to get a better view if the whole education, and their view of the school.


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