A Saturday night

Sometimes you gotta’ slow down & take a moment to relax..


Yesterday my girlfriend Line and her boyfriend Phillip vicited us, we had an awesome evening, with nice food, a good movie, carrot cake, and too many chips. It was a really good evening, where I got to just wind down, relax and be myself. I dont have to be anyone else but me, when im around Line, and its nice to know, that she likes me, for excatly who I am, flaws and all. I am a very private and closed person when it comes to meeting new people, and I have few friends, but the few I have are very close ones though. This Saturday, just recharged my batteries, and made me feel awesome again, after so many hectic days that has flown past me lately, I just needed to be around one of my close friends. Her and I are alot alike in many ways, and its cool to have a person love the same movies, clothes and books, cause you can speak about anything then! I feel somehow more me, when im with her.

Yesterday night was a bit problematic though. My puppy Sammi, had an upset tummy all evening, and was puking too, that poor little thing, and I had to run around, bake cake, make the food, and then my dad stopped by, wich got abit stresse. But when late evening, everything slowed down, and we had a good time.


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