HM sale.. Wohoo!

I just love clothes!

The sale from H&M is much appriciated on a boring and grey wednesday like this. Sitting there, browsing their website, finding cheap but adorable stuff, is just somewhat relaxing. Today I found a dress, that I had to get in two colors, a black and a powder. Then I found a cardigan in a light grey, and I use cardigans alot, but I dont have so many of them, so that one got added to the cart aswell.

The dresses are a soft and romantic touch to the wardrobe, with a wide cleavage, but still not showing too much. I choose a black, cause a black just fits it all dosent it? The powdery one, I choose for the spring time, wich is a very fitting color, and the way it would suit a small family gathering. This dress is perfect for adding accessories! The surprising prise of this dress? Its 24.95 DKK a piece, thats worth buying! The cardigan was 89.50 DKK, also fairly cheap. Find it here!


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