My trip to Germany

♥ Beautiful Berlin ♥

This last week, I was away for four days with my Multimediadesign class(es) (We have two classes) from Thursday to Sunday, we vicited Germany, and we were inside the city of Berlin, in the ”Art district”, wich was amazing. The hotel was placed in the heart of Kreuzberg, right next to Gölitzer Bahnhof (Station). It was as I said, very ”artzy” and full of grafitti everywhere, but in a different, more beautiful way, than how it is in Denmark.. Here is a few examples below, of how it was, outside on the streets, some of the food we ate, and what we saw.

When we arrived at the hotel, we went with the train, to a resturant called Buddha Republic, a really nice Indian resturant, and a bit pricey, but very good! The food is sooo spicey, so if you go there, you better be prepared! I was hungry like hell, so I ate almost everything, even though I am not much for the spicey food, but to be honest, it was delicious. Great service, the food got cooked right in front of you, in special ovens, it was amazing. Thats the only word for it really. The look of the place was great too, candles everywhere, oh it was cute. The whole sealing was filled with candles, and in all sorts of colors. I loved it, the whole theme of the resturant was amazing.

The day ended abit sad though, cause one of our classmates fell and strained her ankle, so I had to call an ambulance, but they were so quick and very trained. They were there after two minutes, and she was back from the hospital, an hour after the accident. They took x-rays and everything, gave her a full check up, and it was done in less than an hour. Thats pretty damn quick.

The day after was ruined, due to the late night yesterday. We slept at like 3:00 – cause we had to wait for our classmate. It was pretty bad the day after, like a hangover I guess you could say, due to the long bus ride, the ferry trip and the accident with our classmates ankle, so we dident get to see much that day, we went out, looked around at the city, and ate, but that was it really. The evening was abit more intresting, cause we went to an awesome resturant in Berlin called 12 Apostels, in Georgenstr. where we had a three course meal, god it was good! YUM… We were so full when we went from there, it was crazy! So much food…

The last night we were there, some of the guys and I, went to a mexican resturant, called Que Pasa, that was right beside Görlitzer Bahnhof, and it was amazing. We had drinks, I had a Mango Colada, that was pretty good! An appetizer – nachos, and a head course, mine was burritos, YUM! Then we had dessert, the boys got Banana split, and I got a baked mango pancake, with whipped cream, the waiter reccomended it, and I thought, well why not – I was glad that I tried it! We went from Que Pasa, almost bursting. The food there I can only reccomend, it was splendid! After the huge dinner, we had some complementary Tequila shots, one of the guys got mine, I hate that stuff.. Argh! XD

Every morning, one of the guys and I had a morning tradition, BRUNCH! I was just hooked on it. The resturant on the corner of the street where the hotel was, had some amazing brunch. We had some good mornings there, and it is said, that a good day, starts with a healthy meal – so yea we had some awesome days for sure!

I had a pretty good time, the hotel wasent the best, but I thought the beds were fine, and the reception was very helpful. The pictures above are one big mess, somehow the blog dident wanted to do as I wanted it to. I will see if I can change it sometime tomorrow..

The days in Berlin were long, exiting, with lots of things to see. We saw so much beautiful stuff, and I wont bother you too much with pictures, but we were in the ”Stadtmitte” – the middle of Berlin, where we went shopping. Then we were at Alexandre Platz, I think its spelled like that? And looked at the huge church, the memorial building for all the victims of the war and so on, it was amazing.. I truly loved it.


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