Make-up maniac!

The perfect face

Every girly girl wants to look her best, and I guess that I too, are abit girly..  My bigsister gave me a bag full of goodies the other day, with Essie nailpolish and Max Factor, Loreal and Maybeline products in. I love it, and everything is just what I needed. Lately I have run out of make-up, and dident feel that I had the money to buy more. I needed either clothes or hair products more, and now I was so lucky to recive a gift from my bigsister, with everything I needed in!

How spoiled am I?

Pic no. one: Some of the make-up I got, the lipstick and the lipgloss is awesome, a perfect summer color. Pic no. two: A little more of the make-up. Pic no. three: A dark bronze eyeshadow, its awesome, and it a bit powdery, and very easy to apply. Pic no. four: Same powdery eyeshadow as the dark bronze one, this one is just in a deep blue. Pic no. five: Me with some of the make-up on, the light concealer, the dark bronze eyeshadow, the lipgloss and both the eyeliners. Pic no. six: An eyeliner in a gel form, comes with a pencil, and its so easy to apply on the eyelids, and easy to remove, if applied wrong. Pic no. seven: The gel eyeliner from the side. Here you can see just how easy it is to carry this baby around. Pic no. eight: Here you see the gel and how it works abit better, it sticks easy to the eyelid, without you feeling it or getting irratated by it. Pic no. nine: Blush and some eyeshadow, cant wait to use this for a party! It looks kinda awesome. I am really into smokey eyes.


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