Shoe lovers beware!

Deichmann shoe shopping!

Every shoe lover needs her/his fix sometimes, and im a huge fan of shoes, and the shoe store Deichmann had an offer a little while ago, where you could go into their store, take a picture of your fave shoes, and maybe you could be so lucky to get 40% 30% 20% or 10% discount on them! The whole idea was, that you with a smartphone, downloaded an app called ”Wynsh” where you can wish for discount on the shoes you love from their store, by snapping a pic of them, and waiting two min. and getting a ”Sorry no discount this time” or ”Congratulations you got 40% discount” – amazing app in my opinion! I loved it, and bought a pair of stilettos in there, with 20% discount on, amazing!

Deichmann has fairly cheap shoes, they look awesome, and you walk great in them! I bought a pair the last month and another pair this month, and I love this store. I also bought a shoulder bag from there, wich I truly love, its awesome and I use it all the time! I sadly dont have a pic of the bag, but its really cute. If anyone requests, I will snap a pic of the bag. The pic’s above is the two shoes that I bought. The 3 top pics is the newest buy, a tiny heel, easy to walk in, gave me no blisters what so ever when I walked them in, and they look amazingly cute! The 3 bottom pics are of the shoes I got with the app discount a month ago, pretty neat! A price of 180,- DKK is pretty damn cheap. ❤

Thx for following guys! Write ya’ later.. 😉


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