Lets talk about hair!

I adore styling my hair!

Recently I learned, that I have some very soft curls in my hair, my hairdresser kinda asked me, if I ever tried styling my curls and my first anwser was ”Uhm… What curls?” My whole moms side of the family has natural curls, my littlesister has alot of curls, I thought that I dident have any at all, but surprise, surprise I actually do have light soft curls in my hair.. Just never noticed, cause I just thought it was my hairs way of bugging me, when trying to style it. I always had it straight, but this week I had curls – my own curls, for the first time in my life, and it aint bad at all, I kinda really like it! This is me with my new curls.

So I bought some ”Wella Ocean Spritz” saltwater spray from the hairdresser, just to define my curls, but also to make them look a littly messy, and the next few days, I ran around with my hair au natural, and my neighbour noticed it straight away, and asked me if it was a perm, or what I had done, cause it looked pretty, I got kinda into the whole curly look thing after that comment. So today I got another curly product and a volume product, plus a new hairdryer, cause I needed it badly.. My old one sucks! The curl product I got, is a creme, that i need to ”hug into” my hair, and then dry it, and it works wonders after what I heard, its gonna be nice to try out. The product is called ”TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier” and was pretty cheap compared to many other products on the market. I also got the volume product, and this is something my hairdresser showed me, that I totally fell in love with, a hair powder, called ”Maria Nila Power Powder”, that lifts the hair, and makes the volume stick. The hairdryer is just a regular one from Babyliss called Expert Plus 2000 – wich I hope is okay for me, cause I dont have a huge head of hair anyway, I have always had short hair, and its easy as hell to dry.

If anyone knows any great products for volume, curls – you name it, then I would very much like to hear about it, write me a comment! Im pretty intrested in hair, and I used to wanna be a hairdresser myself. I just got to go another way, and now im in school as a Multimedia designer,  wich I love even more, but hair and styling it, is a huge passion of mine, and you can never learn too much about hair products! Thanks for reading along, hope to see you in here again. 🙂


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